CARMAC GROUP is born from an industrial concern of woodworking machines, operating in the industry for years, offers systems and machines for companies that want innovative and competitive solutions for the target market keeping in mind the requirements in the economic factor according to the statistics of consumption to generate high efficiency and less waste. Our international presence derives from the flexibility of the solutions developed and proposals to our customers.
Each project begins with a careful analysis of the customer’s needs. The customer himself is actively involved in the implementation of the final solution.Process specialists are available for the customer to illustrate the solutions which have already been implemented and to provide personalized advice.
As we collect the information, we analyse the data and we define what are the essential factors of the process.
The solution is prepared on the basis of a feasibility study with aspects of mechanics and electronics.
The offer is made ​​indicating the analysis process and criteria defined for the solution.
As the order is placed,  passed the stage of processing of executive drawings and any design with the development of special machines.
The project may be on order with our intervention by arrangement with the customer receivables financed by Italian banks in the country of reference of the customer with current regulations of the SACE.
The installation is completed under the supervision of the Project Manager to the final testing of the system and staff training.

We propose highly automated production lines with programs and control systems which facilitate the management of the plant for the simplicity of control by the operator in order to obtain the maximum yield and minimum waste. Immediate assistance via internet from our technical team allows to have any problem immediately solved.

Furthermore, CARMAC GROUP is part of the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Mmanufacturers' Association.  ACIMALL for us is a reference point in this sector.

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