Complete Second Hand Sawmill Line, Renewed Linck Mod. V25

Complete Second Hand sawmill line, renewed Linck mod. V25
  • Cutting range 10 cm – 46 cm
  • Length 3000-6000 mm
  • Feed rate with new control system 50/90 m/min.
  • 6 lateral boards
Infeed log conveyor
Cross infeed log conveyor
Scanner for diameters
Log turning
Debarking machine
Debark removal conveyor
Log loading conveyor
Centrating station Linck EV 25 with a couple of rollers
First unit for chipping of two log faces Linck V25, with unloading device
Log turning Linck DV 55
Roller conveyor
Centrating station Linck EV 25 with three centrating  rollers
Second unit for chipping and cutitng  Linck V25, with unloading device
Double unit for profiling Linck VPP 34
Separation of the sideboards VS 66
Separation of the sideboards
Cant turning Linck DV35, revisioned. Regulation of hight don’t permitted
Centrating station Linck ZZV with rollers Ø160 x 22mm
Profiling unit Linck VP 34, 2 х 55 kw
Multisaw machine Linck MK 22 Saw hight 220mm 1 x 160kW; 1 x 200 kW
Separation of the sideboards
Electrical system and control desks

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